The farm is located in Vilachán (Tomiño-Pontevedra) at 42º north latitude and 8 ° 46 ‘ west longitude. Its altitude above sea level ranges from 200 to 350 m. The distance to the Miño River is 3.5 km and to the Atlantic Ocean is 10 Km. This is a south-facing slope, between the Bravos and Pego streams.

Although close to the sea and the Miño River, its location halfway up the slope does not affect it neither mists nor existing cold on the peaks. The south orientation ensures good heat stroke, which contributes to a perfect ripening of the grapes. Mild throughout the year, but especially in summer. The mild summer temperatures make the grapes ripen slowly, preserving all its varietal aromas and an important acidity necessary for the production of fresh and fruity wines. The granitic, sandy and very permeable soil allows for very fine wines able to highlight the maximum varietal aromas.

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Ctra. Tui – A Guarda, Km. 45

36760 O Rosal (Pontevedra)

986 28 82 12

COORDINATES  N: 42º  O:  8º 46´