Macerating our secret recipe Botanical among which, Coriander, Lavender, Iris, and Angelica, with an infusion of Quinine. distilled rear of said maceration, reaching the third distillation. Alcoholic strength recess with demineralized water by reverse osmosis to reach the level of consumption and subsequent filtration to achieve perfection.


Clear, brillitant, steely reflection due to the quinine. Marked teardrops. Glyceric

quinina. Lágrima marcada. Glicérica.


Totally herbaceous. Highly marked by lavender, a touch of red grapefruit, camomile. Green tea, kaffir lime, violets and jasmin.


Pleasant on the palate, initial sweet touch due to the filtrates. Marked alcohol, very subtle, agreeable with bitter overtones of the infused quinine. Regulated acidity.