Vecrima belongs to the O.D. Monterrei and is a 100% white godello.

The archaeological remains found in the region, such as presses, presses carved into rock and vessels of Roman origin, evidenced by the participation of the latter in the introduction of vitivicultura in Monterrei. Since the late ninth century, an expansion of wine hand of religious orders, using it as payment monasteries and feudal lords occurs. A wine that preserves the tradition through the centuries.

Cold maceration of pasta with dry ice and work at low temperatures on the lees in fresh, in stainless steel tanks. white wine pale yellow with lemony, clean, transparent, bright and with good tear reflexes. Light nose marked fruity character, citrus, white stone fruit and light floral nuances. wide and glyceric, fresh and soft mouth. Round and slightly sweet. Well balanced, medium structure and long aftertaste.