Torre de Ermelo

Torre de Ermelo belongs to the O.D. Rias Baixas, specifically the subzone of Val do Salnés. It is a 100% white Albariño and has an annual production of 75,000 bottles.

After destemming the grapes are pressed and the must falls by gravity through an oxygen free atmosphere into the stainless steel maceration vats where natural fermentation takes place under controlled temperatures. A classical wine from the Rias Baixas Appellation of Origin. Yellow with green tinges, clean and bright. Aromas of good intensity, rich in nuances, complex and elegant. Prevalence of varietal notes which transmit floral and fruity tones. Pleasant on the palate, oily with pleasant contrasts within a harmonic balance. Sensations of liveliness and freshness. Potent and persistent retro-nasal sensations.