Platú licoresHerbs liqueur

From the 15 traditional hand-selected botanicals (lemongrass, mace flower, mint, green tea leaf, black tea leaf, hisopeo, orange blossom …) proceed to maceration in orujo. Once past at least 30 days and stirring every two days, it proceeds to step filtering and end Product.

Thus a unique liquor in which tradition and exclusivity (selection and manual collection of different herbs used in the maceration) is conjugated is obtained, also providing a cutting edge hue will different use in the maceration herbs merge cultures Mediterranean and Atlantic (mace, hisopeo, orange blossom …).

Aged liqueur

The brandy is aged between 7 and 8 years in barrels of medium toast French oak (Allier and Limousin) and American oak (Missouri) thus obtained in the blend the softness and elegance provided by the French oak, along with strength and spaced touches that gives the American oak. ie nuances of vanilla and cinnamon conjugated spaced touches of cloves, pepper and nutmeg, without covering the fruity characteristics typical of aguardiente.

In combined you can squeeze the most of all the many nuances of aging that will not leave indifferent any palate.

Cream liqueur

It is considered exceptional because it is made with neutral dairy base (made with cream of Galician origin) and pomace brandy double distillation.

Again, tradition (pomace and milk sectors deeply rooted in Galicia) and developments in the preparation that highlight a perfect balance between cocoa, coffee and cinnamon prevails.

Coffeé liqueur

Returning to our Galician roots pilgrimage also value the origin of coffee, whose cradle was Ethiopia and later spread to Arabia and India by pilgrims traveling to Mecca, which leads us to want to use them in our spirits, keeping as always our roots. Thus, the uniqueness of our coffee is a blend of different coffees originating in the regions where it comes from coffee, taking the 25th grade in order to extract its aromatic nuances and coffee taste.