D.O. Ribeira Sacra

Amandi Sub zone (Lugo)
The Ribeira Sacra is one of Spain’s most spectacularly beautiful vineyard areas. Its vines are planted in the steep valleys and precipitous gorges of the Rivers Miño and Sil as they wind through Galicia’s lush green countryside. Spiced wines from Amandi, one of the DO’s subzones, are legendarily said to have been shipped to classical Rome along with the lamprey from the River Miño to be served at emperors’ tables.

Bodegas Regina Viarum

Winery owned vineyards arranged in terraces on the slopes of the river Sil. Vineyards “La Capitana”, “Porta de Doade”, “Montefurado” and “Seoane”, in the very heart of the Ribeira Sacra, in sub zone Amandi, township of Sober, province of Lugo.

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