Viarum Regina is located in Ribeira Sacra’s heart, in Amandi, which represents the essence of a unique land, which gives the grape unrepeatable qualities.

The orientation of our vineyards, our method of cultivation in terraces, available on the side of the river Sil, the luminosity of our climate and the special selection of grapes, allow the development of a single wine with qualities only acquired these land.

Bodegas Regina Viarum has the firm intention of producing wines of outstanding quality, to achieve this excellence in wine we start from three premises: the vineyard, the processing and the wine.

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Bodegas Regina Viarum

Doade S/N Sober, C.P.: 27424 Sober – Lugo

982 09 60 31

Latitude: 42° 24′ 29.6958” (N)

Longitude: -7° 28′ 41.106” (O)