Vines cellars where the albariño Pazo de Villarei are born, are the heirs of a tradition that the Celts began 20 centuries  on the slopes of Umia. Its past is our present and our wines survives the tradition of an exceptional wine culture, which has made our land unique.

Pazos de Villarei vineyards extend through Val do Salnés lands, between Arousa and Pontevedra, chosen by the Celts for its unbeatable location for growing grapes.

Of that wisdom that survives in our wines, we keep traditions like planting the vineyards in heights  between 100 and 300 meters. Thus, our grapes ripen exceptionally, coddled by these Val do Salnés lands with temperate and humid climate, and growing the vines planted in sandy and deep soil  sediment.

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Pazo de Villarei

Calle Arosa, s/n, C.P.: 36637 Meis, Pontevedra

986 28 82 12

COORDINATES  N: 42º  O:  8º 46´