Platú Rum

Distillation of sugar cane from the triangle formed from the three greatest Caribbean origins: Martinique, Cuba, Panama.

Aged in bourbon, sherry and cognac barrels.

Blend of aged rums (between 5 and 20 years).

Multiple filtration that eliminates all the natural impurities.



Aged golden colour with amber tones, clear in the glass with great intensity.

Complex but balanced with tones of raisins with their toasted nuance, spicy and with vanilla provided by the arduous blending of rums from different areas that pass from French and American oak bourbon, cognac and sherry barrels. Fresh and smooth on the nose. Tones of white, citreous and caramelized fruits.

Velvety and sweet texture with tones of toasted wood, currents, caramel, sweet almond milk and vanilla. Long-lived and sweet.

Belen CarcellerPlatú Rum