Adegas Tollodouro

Tollodouro is a tribute to the gastronomy of Galicia. Respecting our surroundings and conserving the traditions we managed to maintain all the wild wealth that surrounds us. Wild pig, chicken and fish remind us of the essential aspects of our culture, the diversity of the sea, the strength of the forest and the generosity of the land.

Adegas Tollodouro
Carretera de Tui a la Guardia, Km 55.5,
36760 As Eiras, O Rosal, PO
Tel.: 986609810
Coordenadas N: 42º O: 8º 46´


Although close to the sea and the River Miño, being located on a gentle slope means that neither the mist nor the cold to be found on the hilltops affect the vineyard.
A southerly aspect guarantees good sunshine which allows optimum ripening of the grape.


Mild all year-round, particularly in summer. Mild temperatures in the summer allow the grapes to ripen slowly, thus maintaining all the aromas of both necessary for producing fresh fruity wines.


The sandy granitic soil makes it possible to obtain very fine wines, fully capable of highlighting to the maximum the aromas inherent in the varieties.