Licores Pazo de Villarei




Licor Café Pazo de Villarei – Distinguished


Genuine Galician liquor

Born to lay heavy meals, cold evenings to share with friends or warm nights in good company adding an ice cube. Distillates in less than 24 hours inside our albariño grapes macerated with flashes of incredible flavors. It is called Elixir because we have managed to give the exact point of body, flavor and potency (30th). Its label waves the banner of the geographical indication because we only use grapes from native grape varieties to make.


Galician nature, turned into liquor

Opening a bottle of Herbal Elixir of Pazo de Villarei involves a huge risk: let your taste buds explode into thousands of drops of bubbly happiness. Marc more loved by the Galicians, the herbs, holds power in 35 of all colors of the rainbow. Our Herbal Elixir, distilled at less than 24 hours, keeps intact the unique tones of our grape variety Albariño Salnés.


Distillate, a tradition of centuries

Pomace comes from the word ‘involucrum’ package, of which led to ‘volucrum’ before becoming complicated marc by linguistic twists and turns. The evolution of the name imitates this process distill liquor so linked to Galicia from Celtic times. O Salnés, Pazo de Villarei keeps the Celtic tradition alive cultivating albariño grape varietal that gives strength to 52º, the more powerful, more powerful and stronger liquor cellar.


Smooth and delicious liqueur

So soft that we call it cream, it is a drink that leaves us the memory of the palate quiet, romantic, calm, at ease now. To taste with or without ice. Our pomace cream comes alive among the effluvia of grapes bred native variety albariño from the time of the Celts in the valley of O Salnés. Is that unique flavor that gives that touch rested, almost magical, locked in a liquor of 15 degrees.